August 18, 2003

We've been somewhat lackadaisical when it comes to updating this site. We'll try and do better.

The Pasadena Weekly recently ran an article. See it here.


January 14, 2002

Ukefink has been on hold for the holidays, but has not been lazy. Steve has been busy spreading the word in the Los Angeles Times Magazine (read the interview of Steve from the January 13, 2002 edition), while Eddy and his wife Christy have succeeded in bringing a future banjo player into this world in the form of Eddy French VIII.


October 29, 2001

Dave won $6 on the Breeder's Cup (thanks to Johanesburg and Val Royale). Steve's become bitter as is now planning to bet based soley on the numbers. Eddy is busy putting away just unwrapped baby toys and waiting for THE day. Jason's figured out how to download our music off the digital 8-track, and has, of course, subsequently written 200 more songs to take their place. And Ukefink will be playing at Canter's on November 9th.


August 6, 2001

We've finally figured out that the only way to keep your site from disappearing is to get your own domain, and (hopefully) a somewhat reputable server to host it. So, three different addresses later, maybe this time we've nailed it. (Thanks for the help Giotto.)

Changes since the last update... One has returned from hiatus. One has recently been married. One is to be married in the very near future. And one is about to be called Dad.